YouTube Changes The Rules

YouTube changes the rules... Again. YouTube changes the rules again, it seems.  They have made some drastic changes to its monetization plan. Most of these changes will affect the small content creators the most. The new rules state that in order for creators to be eligible for the partner program, … Read more about YouTube Changes The Rules

Site’s Done, What Next?

Okay, you've got your site set up and you've a very functional store in the back-end. Now what? How are you going to make money with this thing? People have got to buy something. That is your bottom line. You can have the best site on the whole Internet. You can have the best prices of anybody on … Read more about Site’s Done, What Next?

Why Use WordPress?

Why Do We Use Wordpress, Again? Short Answer:     Because WordPress is the best. Gone are the days when your website quote is expressed in the number of pages. A website that is 3 or 4 pages is worthless for most of today's business needs. Today's web experience is about content. Content and lots … Read more about Why Use WordPress?