Have Site, What Next?

Okay, you’ve got your site set up and you’ve a very functional store in the backend. Now what? How are you going to make money with this thing?

People have got to buy something. That is your bottom line. You can have the best site on the whole Internet, you can have the best prices of anybody on anything that you can think of, and if people don’t come in and buy you don’t have anything.

Now it’s your time. It’s time to be honest and let’s answer some basic questions.

  • Why am I different?
  • Why would people want to buy for me?
  • What makes me stand out from the crowd?
  • If it comes between me and Amazon.com who wins?

Solving people’s problems is what will separate you from every other site on the Internet. People come to you because they seek answers to whatever life problems they have at the moment. You solve their problem and they will buy your stuff to solve it with. Now that may mean that you give away a ton of information to people who will not buy. But with enough traffic a small number of people buying your products faithfully will totally change your financial life.

So your immediate problem is, what can I have on my site that will draw people in that will solve their problems and that will bring them back to me to buy. The answer to that question will be different from site to site. Maybe you need to publish an e-book that tells people how to use what you have to offer. Maybe you need a site that has a discussion forum that can become a community of the people that faithfully use your product or service. It doesn’t matter that the Internet already has lots of whatever you do. You do it better. You do it more personal. You connect with people better than the other sites and they will come to you. You will be the go-to authority  and you will be the one that banks.

In the old-school way this wasn’t the way it was. The town mechanic was always stingy in dispensing any information that he had. His thinking was, the more you knew the less you needed him. Now we realize that a consumer empowered with knowledge is simply trying to make an informed buying decision. If they’re going to hire a service done they’re still going to hire it done. But chances are they will hire the person who has gone the extra mile to provide them with good information to make a good buying decision. It’s a win-win situation.

Figure out what it is you really do. Find out who your market really is. The tighter, the more niche the market the stronger your chances of being successful within that market. And be prepared to load your site down with all the legitimate information that you can create, with all the pictures, all the diagrams, all the how-to tips. Plus, something to put there that those people will buy. You do that enough and you will be successful in bringing your business online.