Want to take your business online? It’s never been easier to begin selling retail products online. Powerful shopping cart software can be had free of charge which can calculate shipping costs, handle sales tax, accept credit card payments, and even keep track of order histories and inventory

Whether you have an existing website or are building a new site from scratch there will be a shopping cart solution which will work for you. The major content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress have extensions that are available which make sure storefront is seamless with the rest of your site.

Standalone solutions like OS commerce, and Zen cart can be made to look very similar to your existing site with some styling modifications.

Much of the work involved in getting a storefront up and running can actually be accomplished in-house with your own people. Once a basic site is set up and the shopping cart configured, the next step is entering all the products and services that you have to sell online. Many times vendors and manufacturers have product feeds available which contain the appropriate descriptions, stock keeping numbers and images of the products. Of course, developers like myself are available to do all the work for you in turnkey fashion.

Your Own StoreSeveral things need to be considered in the beginning phases of putting your online retail strategy together. Just a storefront is not enough. Unless you already have a strong customer base which can be simply directed online, there’s the ever present task of driving new traffic to your storefront.

Existing customer bases, though, are where the gold is at. Most of today’s marketing gurus will tell you it’s easier to increase sales to existing customers than it is to go out and try to find new customers for your product line. Online storefronts allow you the means of doing e-mail marketing, newsletters and offering specials and discounts that your foot traffic may never be able to see. The potential here is limited only by your creativity and effort that you’re willing to put forth.

Find out what an e-commerce solution could mean to your existing business. You might find it makes all the difference in the world in how well next year turns out for your bottom line.

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