About Striped Ape

Striped Ape Digital Media is a family owned and operated digital media company.  With over 8 years experience, we offer quality web site design and marketing services at a reasonable price and with local customer service.

Today’s internet is a different type of place than it was even 5 years ago.  Today’s effective web presence is more than just a simple ‘billboard’ style site with 3 or 4 pages and a phone number.  Today’s website needs to offer your customers and potential customers something of value before they lay the money in your cash register.  An effective web presence must tell your customers who you are, why you are, and why you are the answers to life’s question that they seek.  Once this is done, the real battle begins in getting your site before the eyeballs of viable, cash paying customers and clients.

Search engine optimizing, social media, Facebook, Twitter are all words we all are hit with almost everyday.  Everyone of these things can be daunting alone.  Just think of the challenge of taking advantage of today’s internet with so many bases to cover.

Striped Ape can help make your web presence sleek and powerful.  We can help get your business or non-profit noticed.  We can help get those new eyeballs that can make or break your next fiscal year.  Let’s get together.