Reporting A Fake Site

Someone in the world of Facebook has published a fake fansite in the name of Jenifer Brening.  This is not an ordinary fansite, it claims to be her and posts as if it were her.  Very clearly it is not her.  With the DSDS programming coming on, this could pose a problem.  The site has purchased over 6000 page likes, so right now it has a large page reach.

Every true fan of Jenfier’s might to do a simple thing for her.  Using the images below as a guide, go to the fake site and report it as a scam.  The site is located at: .

Facebook has an article on reporting scam pages located at .

Jenifer can also claim the page and merge it with her own.   The fake Likes would make traffic stats difficult to interpret, though.  Facebook has instructions for claiming a page here.

Meanwhile, let’s bombard the page with complaints to Facebook:



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  1. Dear Eric, I really appreciate your article about reporting a fake site and I already reported this fake site. As I am a fan, friend and supporter of Jenifer I recognized that there are a lot of more pages on Fb that claimed Jenifer´s name and photos. I only know these pages as authorized by Jeni:

    Brening.Jenifer (Jenifer Brening)
    JeniferBrening (Jenifer Brening Sings)
    JeniferBreningLive (Jenifer Brening Live But Unofficial)

    Currently there are at least 7 more pages with only Jenifer´s name in the title and a lot more that can be recognized as fan pages. Do you think we should also report the 7 pages with only the name in the headline?

    Jeni told me that you programmed her homepage on the web. For me this is really a masterpiece with the nice animations and music access capabilities. I will do my best in supporting Jeni in the future as I did in the past few months.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Stefan (from Luebeck near Hamburg, Germany)

  2. Eric Alexander says:

    Thank you Stefan, for your kind words. JeniferBreningLive is run by me. It isn’t intended, really for public consumption. It is a place for me to try out new material and such. I don’t encourage ‘Likes’ because I don’t want to detract from the Official page.

    I don’t think the other fan pages are bad in themselves as long as they do not impersonate Jenifer and do give proper credit to her. I believe there is value is exposing her talent in as many directions as we can. The imposter page over the weekend is an entirely different matter. It is unknown whether the person has her interest in mind or their own.

    Thank you for your compliment on the website. It has been a fun project. I’ve taken some content down, though, from It’s a bit smaller than it was, but for now the audio from the youtube covers, and the Live video performances will not be available, just the embedded videos. As she does more original material we can build it back up a bit.

    Thank you for you support of Jenifer, Stefan, she is a great girl.


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