SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the thickest part of the jungle.  Good SEO helps to ensure that potential customers that look for you in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can find you.

Becoming Visible,

If your future customers can’t find you, they can’t spend money with you.  It’s that simple.

In optimizing your site for the search engines, we build your site with proper page structure.  Search engines see your site differently than does a human being.  We have to ensure that Google, Yahoo, and Bing understand what your site is all about.  Proper layout and descriptions of the different elements in your site is vital.  Building your site on a powerful back-end engine like WordPress is step one.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

There are particular keywords and keyword phrases that customers and potential customers use when the search for you and your products and services.  We will do the research and find how people look for what you have.  We will then know how to best present the content on your site so that the search Engines are happy and , most importantly, your visitors find answers to their questions and solutions for their problems.