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There’s that buzz word again — Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and a hundred others you have probably never heard of.  they can all be shrouded in mystery but somehow we know that we have to have a handle of them these days in order to really make in today’s online world.

Utilizing social media in your online marketing efforts doesn’t have to be a huge puzzle.Even a modest effort, applied in the right places, can have very positive effects on how your customers view you and your company.

The bottom line in Social Media is relationships and business.

10,000 people liking your Facebook won’t pay the rent.  Neither will 10,000 Twitter followers.  It’s up to you to sell them something.  10,000 Likers and Followers, though, can help you stay in front of the pack with a clean nose.  In the old days it was called ‘Reputation Management’.    In today’s transparent, digital world keeping you nose clean is vital.

A good WordPress powered site can utilize social media plugins that will help you gain followers for your business and communicate your message to them.  Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you.

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