Striped Ape Digital Media is protected by 256 bit SSL Encryption. Why is that? Well, there are a number of good reasons that you need to be aware of that may benefit your own web presence.

Protecting Contact Information

Site Security Seal imageWe have contact forms that transmit personal data to us. Usually, this is only your name and email address. Sometimes, it is details of your online business ideas. That kind of information needs to protected from prying eyes, especially when you are trying to be first to the marketplace with a new idea or concept.

Protecting Payment Transaction Information

We have a payment gateway to receive online payments for services rendered. Your payment details are iron clad protected against interception during processing with 256 bit SSL Encryption from start to finish. Plus, we never store any credit card information on our servers.

Facebook Fan Page Tabs

One of the most powerful features to incorporate into your Facebook Fanpages are custom tabs. These custom tabs can contain virtually any content such as custom contact forms, event schedules, image galleries, special offers, coupons, etc. These tabs have been available to the fanpages for some time but changes in Facebook’s TOS in October 2011 require that these custom tabs be served from a secure website.

We will design your site to incorporate SSL security and have tab capability, if you need it. We also host custom tab pages for our customers who only require the tabs and do not want to hassle with site encryption.

Be Safe – Stay Safe

In short, we want your experience with us to be safe, positive, and profitable.