Search Engine Optimization Is The Art and Science Of Getting Your Website Found By New Business

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the thickest part of the digital jungle. Good SEO helps to ensure that potential customers that look for you in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, can find you. If your future customers can’t find you, they can’t spend money with you. It’s that simple.

Finding you for WHO you are is easy.  The phone book does that.  It’s a whole different matter to find you for what you DO.

Beyond even that, there are two major divisions in SEO.  The first is Plain Ole’ SEO.  That means getting found in the search engines for what you do in competition with all the other sites like yours in the big wide world.  The second, and probably the most important for most of us is Local SEO.  How do I get more business here in my town?  Local SEO has its own set of rules and conditions.

But, for now, let’s look at Search Engine Optimizing, in general.  The are many factors that we have to consider regardless of whether we going for local or nationwide results.

Becoming Visible

Site Structure

First of all, proper SEO begins on-page with proper site structure.  We build your website in Lawton from the ground up with proper page structure in mind.  Search engines see your site differently than does a human being.  They are much like a hearing and visually impaired person using a screen reader.  So, we have to ensure that Google, Yahoo, and Bing can understand what your site is all about.  The only thing the search engines can do is read your site and follow its links.  They can not ‘see’ your site they way most people can.  For example, they figure out what an image is about by reading the meta-data included with the image.

Proper layout, menu structure, and descriptions of the different elements in your site is vital. Building your site on a powerful back-end engine, like WordPress, is strong step in achieving the goal of proper structure.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Also, there are particular keywords and keyword phrases that your customers and potential customers use when they search for you and your products and services. Therefor, we will do the necessary keyword research to find how people look for what you have. We will then know how to best present the content on your site so that the search engines are happy and , most importantly, your visitors find answers to their questions and solutions for their problems.

Links Are Still Important

One way that the search engines determine how important a web site is to its users, is to look at all the places around the world that link back to the site.  This is the main technique that has been abused by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies over the years.

In times past you could get thousands of links to your site from all over the world in a ton of ways, most of which were shady.  These shady links would propel your site right to the top of the Search Engine’s Search Results Pages (SERPS) for about any product or service. Today, Google and others look at the quality of those links.  They have to be from places that are related to your site and would have a natural reason to link to you.  Bad links can actually drive your site into oblivion.

User Experience (UX) Is King

Beyond all of the site building techniques is the importance of making a very high quality user experience.  Google/Yahoo/Bing all want to show their users to sites that will answer their questions, solve their problems, and deliver a very positive user experience.  This hinges on many factors like page load speed, site security, and menu structure among other things.  If you have a truly great site, people will share it and link to it.

Building a truly great website for your business has always been the most important thing.

We Will Bring All The Elements Together

Therefore, when Striped Ape Digital Medial builds your online presence, we will incorporate all the most current, cutting edge practices that insure your site is easy for your customers to use and easy for the Search Engines to index your pages.

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