Why Do We Use WordPress, Again?

Short Answer:     Because WordPress is the best.

Gone are the days when your website quote is expressed in the number of pages. A website that is 3 or 4 pages is worthless for most of today’s business needs. Today’s web experience is about content. Content and lots of it. Customers want answers to questions. Search engines want to deliver your answers to those questions to their inquiring users.  All things being considered, the search engines will deliver websites to their users that, in their minds, provide solutions.

A good website has to manage and deliver that content quickly and efficiently as well as look good while doing it. WordPress does all that and more far better than any other web site platform out there.

Let’s look at some reasons why WordPress is best.

It’s Open Source

The program is free. It will always remain free.

It is designed by coders all over the world who are dedicated to developing the world’s best web site platform. They are not shackled by corporate policies and board room bottom-line considerations. Open source also guarantees integrity of the code. Nobody is going to slip in any funny-business into the back end that can be hidden because encrypted code.

Its Extensibility

WordPress comes out of the box ready to go to work. It is mean and lean. To make it do all the cool things that you see it do, we add plugins.  Developers from around the world provide plugins and widgets that cause WordPress to do almost anything that is required of it.

Need weather info on you site? There is plugin to make it happen.

Need to manage members or groups of users? There are social networking plugins to keep your group connected.

Most plugins are free. Some are at a premium.

3. Search Engine Friendly. The search engines love WordPress. WordPress organizes the code used to serve the website in a semantically pleasing way to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The code passes W3C validation assuming the theme used is well structured. A WordPress site is easily optimized to make the most of know search engine strategies for the best placement possible of the Search Results Page.

4. Themes. Probably the most excited aspect is the use of themes for site appearance. WordPress handles the heavy lifting of the site. All appearance details are handled by the site’s theme. The total look of the site can be changed with the click of a mouse. Seasonal decoration can be turned on and off when needed, usually without having to call your developer and paying someone to redesign the site.